Kona Coffee

Coffee pour with heart

Kona is famous for, among other things, coffee.  Volcanic soil, temperate climate and other factors create the perfect environment for this Hawaiian treasure.  Our Big Island Circle, Deluxe Volcano Experience and Coffee, Cloud, Forest & Brewery Tours include a stop at a Coffee farm where you can sample a wide selection of Kona coffees. Our […]

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation

Our Coffee, Cloud Forest & Brewery Tour showcases the best of Kona in a half-day tour. Learn about the history and culture of ancient fishponds.  We stop at Mountain, Thunder Coffee Plantation which is located on the slopes of Hualalai and offers a farm tour, tasting and gift shop.


Kona Coffee Fest on the history of coffee in Hawaii.  The Kona Coffee Festival is from November 4th to the 13th.  Join us on our Big Island Circle Tour and visit the Premium Kona Coffee Farm to taste the famous coffee from Kona. How did this ornamental tree imported into Honolulu in about 1813 by […]

Kona Coffee Beans: History, Flavors & Brewing Tips

Coffee pour with heart

Kate McDonnell for Coffee Affection on the history of Kona Coffee.  Join us on our Big Island Circle tour and sample delicious Kona Coffee at our stop at the Premium Kona Coffee Farm. Kona coffee is one of Hawaii’s most famous products — after macadamia nuts and pineapples, of course. But what’s so special about […]

The History of Hawaii’s Famous Kona Coffee Beans

IHG blog on the history of the Kona Coffee Beans.  Join us on our Coffee, Cloud Forest & Brewery tour where we visit the Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation which offers tours, tastings and a gift shop. Back in 1828, Samuel Reverend Ruggles planted the very first coffee tree in the Kona District of Kailua-Kona, watching […]


Coffee pour with heart

Our Coffee, Cloud Forest & Brewery Tour makes a stop at Mountain Thunder Coffee to get a first-hand education on Kona coffee. Kona is famous for coffee and Carta Coffee Merchants gives us a guide to this delicious coffee. There’s something special about Kona, Hawaii. It’s in this place—amongst the ocean-lined landscapes and rainbow-filled valleys—that […]

Kona Coast Coffee

Kona is famous for its’ coffee and our Big Island Circle Tour stops at Premium Kona Coffee Farm where you can sip coffee and explore the farm. Pilot Guides offers some good history on the Kona Coffee Belt and the Kona coffee bean. Hawaii is only the state in America where coffee is grown and […]

So What’s the Big Deal With Malasadas?

Here’s an interesting article by Catherine Toth Fox for Hawaii Magazine on the portugese donut called malasadas. Kailani Tours Hawaii Big Island Circle Tour makes a delicious stop at Punalu’u Bakery which serves the famous donut. I grew up eating malasadas—after surfing, at the office, on Fat Tuesday (like today)—but it wasn’t until I was […]

Complexities Of Caffeine

Included in the Kailani Tours Hawaii Deluxe Volcano tour, is a stop at Greenwell Farms for a picnic lunch. Here’s  an article on caffeine by Matt Carter for  Greenwell Farms. The complexities of Caffeine abound. In our Art of Making Coffee series, we’ve explored some of the more frequently asked questions about coffee and in particular, 100% Kona […]

Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour – The Ultimate Coffee Guide

If we can use a few words, to sum up, Big Island Hawaii, we would use the words, volcanoes, waterfalls and coffee. Do not leave Big Island without going on a Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour! You will miss out on so much. Kona Coffee is known word-wide, and every coffee lover should have the opportunity […]