The Best Kona Coffee Tour In 2020 – Mountain Thunder

Our Best Kona Coffee Tour takes you on a drive to Mountain Thunder. If you ask us what make Mountain Thunder special? We would have to say that it is the fact that they hand-pick their coffee beans, they pay attention to the details and ensure that there is quality control during the whole process.

With this dedication to quality, you can be sure to enjoy some of the best coffee in the world. Why not join our coffee tour of Mountain Thunder?


The History of Mountain Thunder

Mountain Thunder was established over 15 years ago on the slopes of the Hualalai volcano. The farm is situated at an elevation of over 3000 ft. Hawaii is considered an ideal location to grow gourmet coffee. The active volcanoes create the perfect combination, which is:

  • An Volcanic Soil
  • A Mild Climate
  • Light Winds
  • Ample Rain During the Summer
  • High Elevations
  • And the Right Amount of Sunshine

When you combine all these factors you end up with perfect gourmet coffee, just like Mountain Thunder.

The Experience

When you arrive at the entrance of Mountain Thunder, you will be greeted by ducks, chickens, dogs and if you are lucky enough the resident cat. That is if she isn’t taking a nap somewhere. During the tour, they will cover it all, from how coffee is grown until the moment that you have a steaming cup of coffee in front of you.

Interestingly enough, they are not only expert coffee makers but have also perfected different teas, if coffee is not your thing. Bring your whole family on our best Kona Coffee tour and experience an educational day to remember.

The Coffee

The Best Kona Coffee Tour will not be complete without a taste of the Mountain Thunder Coffee. Mountain Thunder has three roasts that are 100% Kona Coffee:

  • American – This is a light roast that is slightly sweeter and higher in caffeine than the other bean roasts.
  • Vienna – The medium roast is the most popular roast. It has a nutty, chocolatey and slight cinnamon taste.
  • French – The French roast has a slightly bitter taste and stronger aroma; this is usually used in Espressos Aficionados.

After sampling some or all of the Mountain Thunder coffee roasts, you will not want to walk away from this farm without your own supply of coffee. Don’t stress; you can visit the local gift shop to buy your favorite coffee.

Reserving Your Place In The Best Kona Coffee Tour


Our reservations team has been working tirelessly to provide a variety of experiences that focus on shorter and more personalized tours due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We focus on smaller groups and private tours during the early phases of reopening. In saying that we do not discourage larger groups, but we will take the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.

We intend to increase our availability for last-minute bookings. Kailani Tours will continue to honor our 24-hour cancellation policy for daily tours and 72 hours cancellation policy for private tours.

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