Kailani Tours Favorite Big Island Waterfalls

Waterfalls are considered majestic and truly stunning. Formed over the years and usually set against breath-taking backgrounds, waterfalls are truly one of nature’s most intriguing creations. Believe us when we say that the Big Island Waterfalls will not disappoint.

As Big Island experts we decided to take the time to let you in on our favorite, sometimes hidden waterfalls. Come take a walk with us to one of our favorite spots.

Big Island Waterfalls – Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls State Park made our Big Island Waterfalls list because of the fantastic phenomena where most morning if you are up early enough you will see a rainbow arching across the falls. It is, however, not just the rainbow and the waterfall that makes this place unique, the hike to the falls through the dense jungle vegetation completes this experience.


Big Island Waterfalls – Waipio Valley Waterfall

The Waipio Valley Waterfall’s actual name is Hi’ilawe Falls, and this is probably the most famous waterfall in the valley. You can see this waterfall only from the air or when you hike down into the valley.

Even though you can not hike to the actual falls because it is on private property, it is still breath-taking and definitely one of our favorite Big Island Waterfalls.

Big Island Waterfalls – Polulu Valley Waterfall

The Polulu Valley Waterfall is one of the most well-hidden secrets on the Big Island. This waterfall is called the Kapoloa Falls, and it is located on a private ranch. The waterfall has a 500 feet drop and magnificent to see.


COVID-19 Regulations

At Kailani Tours our focus in providing you the best experience when visiting Big Island. In order to improve your overall experience we want to share the COVID-19 regulations with regards to testing.

  • If you take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival and the tests are negative, you are allowed to travel with a declaration form without any state restrictions. Please try to minimise your interactions and keep monitoring yourself.
  • If you take a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of arrival, the results are still pending; you are allowed to travel with a declaration form. You will, however, be quarantined until the results are in. If the results come back negative, you will have no state restrictions on you. Again you should please try to minimise your interactions and keep monitoring yourself.
  • If you do not take a COVID-19 test, you can travel but will be placed in 14-day quarantine upon arrival. You will be to leave for medical emergencies.
  • Please note that if you test positive at any time, or you show any symptoms, you need to isolate yourself and get tested.

These regulations are in place to keep yourself and us safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Give us a call today if you want to discuss any of our safety regulations when it comes to booking a Big Island Waterfalls Tour. We will gladly assist and provide you with the necessary information.