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Signature Private Tours by Kailani Tours

Discover the epitome of personalized exploration with Kailani Tours’ private tour options. Elevate your travel experience by choosing from our carefully crafted itineraries, including (list the four tours available for private buyout). With our private tours, you’ll bask in the exclusivity of the journey, avoiding the typical pairing with strangers. Immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings while our knowledgeable guides cater to your preferences, ensuring an intimate and tailored adventure. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking a romantic escape, or a group of friends ready for a unique experience, Kailani Tours invites you to indulge in the luxury of a private tour, where every moment is yours to savor.


Day Time Tour:

What should I bring on a Signature Private Tour?
Kailani Tours Hawaii will provide your meals, snack baskets, beverages, hiking gear, jackets, parkas, umbrellas, flashlights, other related gear for all weather conditions, and items to help with car sickness/nausea. Please come prepared with close-toed shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and a charging cord for your phone.

What are the benefits of a Private tour?
The most common reasons for guests to choose a private tour over a public tour include: the ability to go at your own pace, a customizable itinerary with tour flexibility, customizable timing, customizable pickup/drop off locations, upgraded meals/snack baskets/beverages, no other personalities/strangers, not waiting on rouge public participants, more intimate, any age is permitted, and you’ll be placed with a tenured guide. We have luxury SUVs available for smaller parties (1-5 passengers) and Mercedes Sprinter or Streamliner Vans for larger parties (5-12 passengers).

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?
Though we have a compact collapsible wheelchair available for guests, our guides cannot push/assist with wheelchair mobility. Our tours are active and require some physical exertion. While on tour guests may experience some or all of the following: a large step up into the van, tight aisles, steep hills in either direction, stairs, uneven surfaces, wet surfaces, and loose sand. If you have any questions or would like to know more details about the physical aspects of your specific tour, please contact Kailani Tours staff at 808-938-4057 or [email protected].

Is this tour all-inclusive?
This tour includes a variety of refreshments and snacks in the vehicle and covers all tastings, meals, and entrance fees required. We work closely with coffee roasters, wineries, and other establishments on the island to bring you exclusive tastings and experiences.

Can you accommodate dietary needs and restrictions on this tour?
We want to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergy requests as much as possible for each of our guests. Please, notify us immediately if anyone in your party is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, or has any food-related allergies. By notifying us early, we can be best prepared for your tour meal/snack basket/beverage needs. Should there be no contact by 2:00 PM, the day prior to your tour, the meals ordered on your behalf will default to regular with no restrictions. Since gathering these details is time sensitive, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m traveling with children, what should I know?
Infants, toddlers, or children under 5 years of age are not permitted on public tours, a private tour will need to be secured for families traveling with small children. To abide by Hawaiʻi State Law all children 3 years and younger must be in a proper safety seat. Children ages 4 to 7 who weigh between 40 and 80 pounds and are less than 57 inches tall must be in a booster seat. We have all child seat options available upon request. Please, notify us of your children’s age and seat requirements as soon as possible.

Is alcohol allowed on tour?
Hawai’i laws do not permit the consumption of or an open container of alcohol in any vehicle. There are stops on the tours that offer adult beverages that you are able to purchase specifically. We ask you to remember restrooms are not always readily available and motion sickness is already a common occurrence on island roads. We ask that you drink responsibly while in our care. Kailani Tours reserves the right to ask a guest to disembark if necessary.

What locations do you pick up from?
On a private tour, your guide has flexibility. As long as our operations department approves your pick-up location as fit and safe for our vehicles, we can pick your Ohana up at any resort or private home.

Are tips or gratuities required?
Tips and gratuities are not required, they are greatly appreciated though. Your guide works hard to keep you safe, entertained, and satisfied for 11+ hours. The wealth of information you’ll be exposed to is impressive. The guides spend a lot of time training and perfecting their skills for you. So, if you enjoy yourself, if your guide gives impeccable attention to your needs, and if you feel safe in their care, then show them your appreciation for a job well done!

The Experience

Private tours offer personalized experiences tailored to your interests and pace, ensuring a more intimate and flexible exploration. With dedicated attention from a knowledgeable guide, you can delve deeper into the attractions.
Immersing yourself in a private tour in Hawaii not only unveils the breathtaking landscapes but fosters a profound connection to nature as you witness the vibrant ecosystems, from lush rainforests to pristine beaches.
Whether your group comprises seasoned travelers or curious youngsters, a private tour in Hawaii can be tailored to cater to diverse interests and energy levels. The flexibility ensures that older members can savor the sights at a leisurely pace, while younger ones engage in interactive and dynamic experiences, creating a harmonious and enjoyable journey for everyone.
You’ll learn about the traditions, customs, and history of the Hawaiian people while gaining a deeper appreciation for this beautiful and ever-growing island. Your passion-driven guide will share their knowledge while providing an all-encompassing luxury tour experience.

Custom Tours

Explore Hawaii on your terms with our tailored, custom tours crafted to match your unique preferences and requirements.
Reach out to us directly to discover our exclusive collection of custom tours.


“We had a wonderful full day private Circle Island Tour with David. He was fun, informative, extremely patient with our super chatty 7 year old, and just fun to spend the day with. He made great suggestions and gave us options to keep our son engaged - whether it be exploring the tide pools at the black sand beach, telling us which malasadas to try, pointing out the best bathroom stops, or exploring Volcano National Park. He had lots of water and snacks to keep us fueled for the day in between stops, gave us time to explore places on our own a bit but was available to answer any questions we had. David also took a bunch of photos of our whole family which was a real treat. I highly recommend this tour and you should ask for David!!! - The Savage Family”

Christine Savage
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“We had a private tour around the island with Grant Mitchell and our family had the best time. We were able to customize the tour and Grant was full of information and other people even tried to join our tour to hear what he was saying. Would totally recommend to anyone. We had a great day! Thanks Grant!”

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“Grant was the most entertaining, thoughtful, and knowledgeable guide. We had a private group ranging from an under-1-year-old to near-seniors and two family members in wheelchairs. We still got to see and do everything on the itinerary with minor modifications and Grant was such an amazing host making sure we were all taken care of. Seeing spewing lava, having yummy coffee and malasadas, plus the steam vent trick were my favorite highlights. We had a truly incredible, bucket-list day and he'll be a special part of our family's experience forever!.”

Julia La
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“We did a full day private tour - our request was we like to hike and walk! Let's do as much as possible please! And we did. From - suggestions of - do you want to pull over here and check this out? To walking many of the trails at Volcano National Park. Our guide Jim was full of interesting facts, the vehicle and driving was perfect, lunch and snacks too. Also recommend that you do this tour early on your visit - helps build the rest of your adventures for your stay! Thank you!!”

Martha Schrader
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