FAQ - Kailani Tours

Common Questions Answered

We hope to provide you with as much information as possible to help guide you in choosing a tour experience with us. If you have further questions, please contact us with any additional inquiries.

What’s the difference between the Big Island Circle Tour and the Deluxe Volcano Experience?

The primary difference between these two tours is the Big Island Circle Tour is a daytime tour while the Deluxe Volcano Experience is focused on the volcano and seeing a possible eruption at night. The price difference is that lunch and dinner is included in the Deluxe Volcano Experience where the Big Island Circle Tour includes a continental breakfast and lunch.

What do we need to wear?

For all tours, we recommend comfortable walking shoes. For hiking tours, ankle support is important but not necessary. You’re more than welcome to wear slippers (flip-flops) for comfort, but sneakers are really the way to go without worry. We are unable to swim while on tour at the beach or in a waterfall, so a towel is not necessary. However, you’re more than welcome to bring a towel if you decide to dip your toes at the black sand beach.

Do you offer private tours or large group tours in addition to shared daily tours?

We offer just about everything. Our shared daily tours are our most popular, but we have tour specialists that can customize and design tours for private and group tours of all sizes. We utilize several different vehicle types to accommodate nearly all budgets and preferences. Our fleet is constantly growing, so we can handle groups of nearly any size. 

What should we bring?

We’ll provide meals, snacks, hiking gear, jackets, umbrellas, flashlights, and parkas for all occasions. Please refer to your selected tour’s description for additional details. You’re more than welcome to call our office for specific requests. 808-938-4057.

When does my tour start and end?
Your confirmation will give an approximate start and end time for each tour. However, depending on your selected pickup location, that time will be specific to your location. Please make sure to double-check your pickup location and exact pickup time written on your confirmation so you do not miss your tour. Kailani Tours’ Reservation Team will reach out the day before your tour to confirm the exact pickup location and time to ensure timely departures. Please call us for any specific questions about your tour at 808-938-4057 
Do I need to make my meal selections now?

Not at the time of your booking. Due to COVID-19 protocols, we have a set menu for each tour. However, if you have dietary restrictions, allergies, vegan, or vegetarian preferences, please contact us no later than 48 hours prior to your tour.

Do you pick up from Hilo or Volcano?

Currently, we do not offer pickups near Hilo or Volcano Village. Most guests stay on the west side of Hawaii Island, so our group tours start and end there. Many of our Hilo guests meet us at one of our central meeting locations near Waikoloa. 

What time do we get back?

Nearly all tours except the Deluxe Volcano Experience return around sunset. Our goal is to get you back before dinner. Because we visit the volcano at night on the Deluxe Volcano Experience, we return late to your hotel at around 11PM or later, depending on the activity at the volcano.

Can you pick us up at our condo / AirB&B / rental house?

Our pickup schedule is structured to ensure timely pickups. We can’t pick up at ALL locations. In certain instances, meeting us at the nearest resort or central pickup location might be the most convenient for both parties. For private experiences, we are more than happy to pickup at nearly any location within reason.

Do you offer airport transportation?
Although we don’t offer regular transportation services, we offer luxury VIP transportation options for private tours and groups. For routine airport shuttle services, please contact Speedishuttle, Kona Taxicab, UBER, Lyft, or several taxi companies on the island.
Do you pick up at the airport? Can we fly from Oahu or Maui, tour, and return on the same day?

We do offer airport pickups for inbound guests from other islands. The tour that we recommend for guests traveling from other islands is the Big Island Circle Tour. Please call us directly so we can make sure that you’re arriving into Kona before 7:30 AM and returning after 8:00 PM. For private experiences, we can pick up and/or drop off at the Kona or Hilo airport.

Can I bring my drone or camera?

While cameras are welcome, drones are not allowed in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 

Do you accommodate wheelchairs?

We do! Although we don’t have a lift for fixed wheelchairs, we have storage for collapsible wheelchairs only. We may be able to make further accommodations for private tours. Please call for details.

How many people will be traveling with us?

Our shared daily tours travel in Mercedes Sprinter mini-coaches that are 15 passenger luxury vehicles. For comfort and spacing, we are currently taking up to 12 or 13 per vehicle. However, we have several vehicles departing each day. 

Can you accommodate just two people?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to join our shared daily tours or select a private SUV for a more intimate and personalized experience. 

What kind of vehicle will be traveling in?

While our fleet is growing daily, we primarily operate 15 passenger luxury Mercedes Sprinter mini-coaches and Smartliners. We also have recently purchased a line of SUVs available for small groups, private VIP services, or airport transportation. 

Which tour do you recommend if I’m not very mobile?

We recommend the Big Island Circle Tour is it accommodates nearly any age or mobility type. Tour activity ratings start with “Sightseeing” and go up to “Moderate” and “Active” for guests looking for more strenuous activity on tour. Private experiences can be customized to adjust the activity level.

How much walking is involved?

We want our guests to be comfortable and to have access to our most popular tours. Waterfalls, beaches, and the volcano can be seen without walking or hiking great distances. However, on some tours like the Volcano Hiking Adventure, it is the focus. Please call us for specific questions related to your desired tour.

How often do you make stops for the bathroom?

All tours were designed to make sure that we make frequent bathroom stops. Guides will point out recommended bathroom stops and will help plan the next one. If bathroom stops are a priority, please call us directly and we will make sure your guide is aware of any special requests. We’ll do whatever is possible to ensure a comfortable and worry-free touring experience.

How much driving will we be doing?

We plan for a full day of touring when exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, so each full day tour is approximately 11 hours. While that may seem like a long day, our guides make frequent stops to coffee farms, waterfalls, black sand beaches, and other exciting locations to add to an amazing full day tour. We aim to spend more time outside of the vehicle than inside to maximize the tour day. We’ve designed our tours to create a relaxing day of sightseeing, comfort, and entertainment to create the ultimate touring experience. 

Will there be any shopping opportunities on tour?

Our tours are experiential with a focus on natural beauty and wanderlust. Some of our tour locations offer items for sale and you’re more than welcome to purchase items while on tour. Kailani Tours does not receive any residual benefits from visiting any of our tour locations. Our vetted partners are trusted, and we love to share their offerings with our guests.

Are meals included or do we buy that separately?

Each tour includes one or two meals, a snack basket, and beverage service. Some tour stops may offer meal upgrades, snacks, or other meal options. If you have any dietary requirements or requests, please contact us at 808-938-4057, via chat (when available), or by email [email protected]

Are there bathrooms on board any of your vehicles?

There aren’t any facilities on board. However, we plan to make frequent restroom stops throughout the tour. 

Are gratuities or tips included in the tour cost?

Gratuities (tips) are not included in the cost of the tour and they are not required. If guests feel that the guide did an excellent job, $20 per person or 10% of the tour cost is greatly appreciated.

Is alcohol allowed on board?

Alcohol consumption is always prohibited in our vehicles. Alcohol may be purchased and consumed at Volcano Winery, restaurants, and other locations at the guide and restaurant’s discretion.