Travel to Big Island Hawaii in 2020

Travel to Big Island Hawaii to end your 2020 in the best possible way. This is our advice at Kailani Tours. The end of 2020 is near and what a year it has been? The COVID-19 pandemic hit most of us in such an unexpected way, where most of us were not prepared to face anything like it.

We have learned, and we have adapted. Now we need to start moving forward. We at Kailani Tours belief that a trip to Hawaii will be a good way to end 2020 on a high note. Please take a look at what we at Kailani Tours will be up to; you are welcome to join!

Travel to Big Island Hawaii to Explore Volcanoes

We invite you to come and explore the Hawaiian Volcanoes with us. On our Deluxe Volcanoes Tour, we visit the Hawaii Volcanoes, National Park. Even though there is no lava currently flowing in the park, it is still definitely worth the trip.

We do not stop our exploration at volcanoes in this tour. We explore the Black Sand Beach and Fissure 8 as well, all while driving around in our luxury Mercedes-Benz mini-coaches.


Explore Waterfalls

We invite you to experience stunning waterfalls, volcanoes and Kona coffee in our Big Island Circle Tour. With the Rainbow Falls rate as the Best Waterfalls in Hawaii according to every guidebook and blog out there, it should not be missed.

This tour is packed to the brim with waterfalls, volcanoes and coffee. But we do not stop there; we go on to explore delicious pastries and black sand beaches with turtles.

Explore Breweries

We invite you to travel to Big Island Hawaii to explore the local breweries. If you ask us which tour is our favorite, our staff pick, it would definitely be the Kuleana Rum Experience Tour.

Here we offer you the perfect combination of history, nature, culture and “yum”. A visit to the Original King Kamehameha Statue and Upolu Point for history and culture. Polulu Valley Look for a picturesque view into nature and Kuleana Distillery and Kuleana Rum Shack for the “yum”. We have got you covered.


Explore Valleys

Where there are mountains and volcanoes, there will be valleys. We invite you to travel to Big Island Hawaii to explore the valleys with us. Polulu Valley Lookout and Waipio Valley Lookout are just two of the famous valleys that we like to explore.

On your way to Waipio Valley, you get to see the spectacular view of the Hamakua Coast. Polulu Valley offers you picturesque views with 500 ft. cliffs that overlook a crescent black sand beach and crashing surf.

Travel to Big Island Hawaii for the Ultimate Experience

The year 2020 will go down in the history books for the COVID-19 pandemic that hit us all. You do, however, have the time to write about the ultimate experience in your history book. Travel to Big Island Hawaii to explore and experience a different world.