7 Things To See On The Big Island In 2020

Hawaii is a place of wonders with so many things to see and experience. We decided to compile a list of things to see on the Big Island to make your choices easier.

We pride ourselves in being experts when it comes to creating the best Hawaii experience for you, and we can ensure you that this list of things is a must when it comes to experiencing the Big Island.

The List Of Things To See On The Big Island


The Volcanoes

You can not visit Hawaii without seeing at least one volcano. We suggest that you visit the Hawaii Volcanos National Park. This is a massive park is a must-see for any visitor. Some of the top sites in the park include the Chain of Craters Road, natural steam vents and the new Halemau’mau Crater.

The Valleys

Picturesque valleys form part of Big Island Hawaii. These valleys in some places look out over 500 ft. cliffs, black sand beaches and crashing surf. Two of the most famous valleys is the Waipio Valley Outlook and Polulu Valley Lookout.

The Waterfalls

Where there are valleys with over 500 ft. cliffs you are sure to see waterfalls. The Rainbow Falls made our list of things to see on the Big Island. It didn’t just make our list; it made a list in every blog and guidebook. At Rainbow Falls, you can witness some of the most famous Big Island waterfalls up close and personal.

The Beaches

The Black Sand Beach at Punalu’u is not unique but beautiful as well. It is a place where you can watch the blue waves break on the black sand beach. This stretch of black sand is a popular basking spot for the Hawaiian turtle also knows as “hono”. The Hawaiian beaches deserve its spot on our things to see on the Big Island list.

The Local Gourmet Food

Breakfast at Mauna Kea State Park overlooking the tallest volcano in the world. Gourmet Hawaiian-style lunches served on the Ianai. Rum and cocktails with authentic island cuisine for dinner at the Kuleana Rum Shack. Sweet treats at the Punalu’u Bake Shop. Your mouth should be watering by now.


The Drinks

Local, freshly grown coffee and local rum. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to end your day with a glass of rum or a freshly brewed cup of coffee, the Big Island have you sorted. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with your drink of choice and a group of friends.

The Stars

When you live in a city, you do not get to appreciate the beauty of the stars. But here in Hawaii on the Big Island, we are privileged enough to see the stars bright and clear. Stargazing from a volcano crater or just lying on the beach, we ensure you that this will be a night to remember.

Final Remarks On Things To See On Big Island

It doesn’t matter why you are visiting Big Island; we encourage you to find the place on our things to see on the Big Island list. If you are struggling to plan your perfect tour give us at Kailani Tours a call, we will gladly assist.