Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour – The Ultimate Coffee Guide

If we can use a few words, to sum up, Big Island Hawaii, we would use the words, volcanoes, waterfalls and coffee. Do not leave Big Island without going on a Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour! You will miss out on so much.

Kona Coffee is known word-wide, and every coffee lover should have the opportunity to drink a cup of Kona Coffee at least once in their life.

In this ultimate coffee guide, we are going to look at what you can expect on a coffee tour and what time of the year is the best to do a coffee tour.


What Can You Expect On A Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour?

You can find roughly 650 coffee farms ranging in different sizes along a 20-mile scenic drive on the Big Island. Interestingly enough Kona Coffee is only grown on two of the Big Island volcanoes; this is one of the things that you will learn about on your tours.

Other interesting facts that you can learn about on your Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour is the history of Kona Coffee, why Kona Coffee is so special, and why Big Island is the perfect place to grow these delicious coffee beans.

A tour usually lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the farm that you are visiting. During the tour, you will be shown around the plantation. You will see the processes involved in drying, processing and roasting the coffee beans. And you will definitely have the opportunity to taste the delicious coffee!

When Should You Do A Coffee Tour?


Is there really a bad time to drink coffee? Well, the answer is no! Coffee farms on the Big Island are open all year round for tours and tastings, and the coffee is always fresh.

There is a growing cycle in the coffee beans, and you might have a preference, so let’s look at the growing cycle.

  • Kona Snow – The coffee plants bloom in February and March, and the plantation will be covered with beautiful white flowers during this time. It really looks like a field of snow.
  • Cherries – Between April and January, you will see the coffee berries. In different color ranging from a green to a bright red. Making it seem as if the trees are full of cherries.

Each tree in the plantation is hand-picked during the cherries period because not all the trees will be ripe at the same time, what an amazing experience!

Book Your Tour!

The only thing that is left for you to now do is to book your Kona Coffee Hawaii Tour. The great news is that we at Kailani Tours can help guide you on this coffee tour.

With restrictions being lifted after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to show you around Big Island Hawaii. During our tours, we will make sure that your safety stays our number one priority. Come and join us for an experience of a life time.