He pilina wehena “ole ke aloha honua


One’s love for the planet is an inseverable relationship.


I pledge to be pono (righteous) on the island of Hawaii.
I will mindfully seek wonder, but not wander where I do not belong.
I will not defy death for breathtaking photos, trespass or venture beyond safty
I will malama (care for) land and sea, and admire wildlife only from afar.
Molten lava will mesmerize me, but I will not disrupt its flow
I will not take what is not mine, leaving lava rocks and sand as originally found
I will heed ocean conditions, never turning my back to the Pacific
When rain falls ma uka (inland), I will remain high above ground, out of rivers and streams
I will embrace the concept of being a steward of the land, revered as my loving chief
E'apo i ke a'o a ho'ohana, a e 'oi mau ka na'auao.