Onomea Scenic Outlook is one of the points of interest on Kailani Tours Hawaii Wild and Scenic Volcano Experience.

Here’s a good article from Hawaii Top Ten on Onomea Bay.

Onomea Bay is a beautiful little bay that the new main highway put off the beaten path years ago. But this scenic strech of winding road through lush tropical paradise is complete with the world class Hawaii Botanical Garden as a stop to enjoy. You would be a fool not to take this brief four mile detour of the main highway if you are passing through. You will experience the beauty and tranquility of what must have been old Hawaii, with quaint bridges meandering past trickling waterfalls and a gorgeous coastline. If you enjoy tropical foliage, a stop at the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden which you will pass along the way, is also a must. If you don’t have mosquito spray, some will be freely available at the entrance for obvious reasons. There are times when even the locals will spray it on. It is a paid attraction. But if you enjoy tropical foliage and like to take photos, this is your stop. Halfway between mile markers 8 and 7 on the Hawaii Belt road you will see a rather large sign that says “Scenic Drive.” The Scenic Drive actually begins right after mile marker 11 and runs parallel to the Hawaii Belt Road until it reconnects between mile markers 8 and 7.