5 Attractions You Should Never Miss During Your Big Island Vacation

There are numerous attractions to see during a Big island vacation and not enough time to see all in just one visit. Nonetheless, there are some spots you should never miss during your Big Island vacation. We’ve compiled a simple list of 5 of such spots to make your vacation a remarkable one.

Big Island Vacation Spots To Never Miss

1. Kaunaoa Beach

Kaunaoa Beach is one of the most scenic white sand beaches on the Big Island. This stunning beach on the central Kohala coast is a fascinating spot for anyone seeking to enjoy their Big Island vacation.

If you’d like to go snorkeling, you’d find a lot of people doing that here at both end of the beach. Also, if you’d like to consider body boarding, or if you’d like to play volleyball, the Kaunaoa Beach is the perfect spot for you. Also, the Mauna Kea Resort is around this beach. You can grab a bite at the resort’s restaurant whenever you go hungry.

2.    Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park

If you’d like to learn about the traditions of the Big Island, this park is the perfect spot to do that. You shouldn’t end your Big Island vacation without learning a bit about the island’s tradition. The current temple site was rebuilt by the national park authorities and it’s a perfect model of the initial one which was there since the end of the 18th century.

The palace is well-known for a being a spot for refuge and its safeguarded by a large wall that measures 10 feet high and about 16 feet wide. This amazing huge wall between the previous palace and the sanctuary has been conserved for centuries. The wall was repaired in 1902 and then from 1963-64.

Big island vacation

3.    Hilo Farmers Market

A Big Island vacation is never complete without a visit to the Hilo’s farmers market. If you’d like to sample local produce or buy local crafts, the farmers market offers you the perfect opportunity to do that. Every day, local artisans and farmers gather at the market to sell handicrafts and farm produce including seafood.

And there’s more to buy. You can get fruits like bananas, pineapples, and local items such as bongo drums and the jaboticaba fruit. The best part is you’re free to bargain, so you may end up getting a good deal for your budget. If you’d like to get some souvenirs, Hilo farmers market is one of the best spots to do so.

4.    Akaka Falls State Park and Kahuna Falls

If you’d like to see the tallest waterfalls on the Big island which is as high as 442 feet, then you’ll have to visit the Akaka Falls State Park. This is one perfect scenery you shouldn’t miss during your Big Island vacation.

The state park actually houses two beautiful waterfalls. The Kahuna Falls and the Akaka Falls which is the tallest across the Big Island. The atmosphere surrounding the falls is absolutely beautiful. From orchids to bamboos and tropical ferns, there’s so much to see in the lush surroundings.

5. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The park is home to two active volcanoes. The one you should never miss during your Big Island vacation is the Kilauea. This volcano is a breathtaking 4000-foot-tall mountain, oozing, spitting and spewing lava since 1983. The Kilauea erupted in May 2018 damaging communities and forcing residents to evacuate. While the mountain is no longer erupting, the Kilauea is still on the list of the volcanoes to monitor. Read more about volcano trekking on the Big Island.

There’s no guarantee that you’d see lava flow when you visit the park. While some visitors are lucky to see lava flow, others aren’t so lucky. Before visiting the mountain, check in at the Kilauea Visitor Center to get current information about safety precautions, trails, and the most likely places to see lava flow.