Best Beaches on the Big Island – Kohala and Ka’u

Hawaii is home to various beaches, each with its unique attractions. Some beaches are great for surfers and watersports where other beaches focus on family relaxation and exploration. Who wouldn’t want to see our beautiful turtles? Kailani Tours decided to make it easy for you by identifying the best beaches on the Big Island in the Kohala and Ka’u area.

The Best Beaches on the Big Island – Kohala

Majority of the beaches on Big Island can be located around the northwestern coast of the island. Kohala offers a range of beaches with spectacular views. Even though the waters off the Kohala coast might be a bit rough for swimming the beaches here will not disappoint. We identify two beaches in Kohala that we love because of their lookouts. Walk with us!

Waipi’o Valley

A stop at Waipi’o Valley Lookout will provide you with a spectacular view of the Hamakua Coast with its emerald cliffs and coastline. Even if you do not take a walk down to the beach, this is definitely a not to miss view. The beach is not easy to reach, and for that reason, it is usually quiet. You can not swim in these rough waters, but our expert tour guides will take you on a beautiful hike.

Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley Lookout offers you one of the most picturesque views in the entire state. With 500 ft. cliffs overlooking a crescent of black sand beach and crashing waves, this is a place that you shouldn’t miss. The beach itself offers you a nice place to walk, but the strong sea currents and rocky shore make it a poor swimming location.

The Best Beaches on the Big Island – Ka’u

Ka’u is situated on the southeast side of the Big Island. Here you will find the most famous beach on the Big Island and our all-time favorite spot. A place that you will definitely enjoy and remember.

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach

Discovering native wildlife is always a Hawaii highlight. This stretch of black sand beach is not only beautiful and unique but is a popular basking spot for the Hawaiian turtle or “hono”. Here you can view the endangered Hawksbill turtles basking on the beautiful black sandy beaches.

The is one of the best beaches on the Big Island not only because of the black sand and turtles but also because it is a great place to swim, snorkel, go for a hike, camp or have a picnic.

COVID-19 Update

Yes, we are reopening after the pandemic, and we are extremely excited to show you the Best Beaches on the Big Island! Your safety is our main concern, and we will ensure that all our tours will strictly follow all the guidelines set out by the CDC.

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