7 Amazing Big Island Activities That You Shouldn’t Miss In 2020

The Big Island of Hawaii offers a variety of different activities. We at Kailani Tours wants to make sure that you know which activities you shouldn’t miss in 2020.

In this article, we share with you our favourite volcano activities and our coffee, cloud forest and brewery tours. Let’s jump in.

Big Island Volcano Activities

Travel with us to our Big Island activities in one of our luxurious Mercedes Benz Sprinter Mini-Coaches. We will take you to four of our favorite volcano hotspots. Our deluxe volcano tour takes you to:

Mauna Kea State Park

Mauna Kea is the tallest volcano in the world, and we consider this the perfect place to have breakfast. We will show you the ancient lava flows from Mauna Loa.

Rainbow Falls State Park

Rainbow Falls has spectacular views and provide you with an awesome opportunity to take photos. Bring a raincoat; you might get wet.

Fissure 8

A moving experience to see one of the Big Islands most active volcano sites of the 2018 eruption. Witness the incredible power, beauty and destruction that the recent lava caused.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A park of volcanoes, who wouldn’t want to see this? Our tour includes all the best sites in the park which includes Chain of Craters Road, natural steam vents and views of the new Halemau’mau Crater.

We are not the only people that think our Deluxe Volcano Tour is a must-do. With over 1200 five star reviews on TripAdvisor, you can’t go wrong with this tour.


Cloud Forest

The Kona Cloud Forest Walking Tour has been highly rated by everyone that has completed this tour. The enchanting forest that is always shrouded in mist is one of the Bis Island activities that you shouldn’t miss.

In the forest, you will have the unique opportunity to see exotic trees, plants, flowers and birds. Do not miss out on seeing the beautiful Hawaiian Hawk.

Big Island Coffee Activities

With coffee tours rated as one of the top five Big Island Activities, you know that you can not go wrong by signing up for one of our coffee tours. So let’s talk Mountain Thunder Coffee.

Mountain Thunder is a farm that you will find high on the slopes of the Hualalai volcano. Here you can learn how coffee is grown and roasted so that you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.


Brewery Tours

According to the Big Island Guide, Ola Brew Co. is one of the finest breweries in Hawaii. We at Kailani Tours agree that you can not miss this tour.

Not only will you learn about the brewery process but afterwards we can have a delicious meal and drink a cold beer or sider together—all while looking out over the popular Kona Hangout.

Big Island Activities – Don’t Miss Out

The Big Island activities have something to offer for everyone. Come and end this eventful 2020 year with us at Kailani Tours, we have some special ready for you.