Kona Cloud Forest Walking Tour

Walk with us through an enchanting forest shrouded in mist. Look at the exotic trees, plants, flowers and birds. Walk with us on our Kona Cloud Forest Walking Tour. In as little as 45min, you will be enchanted by the beauty of the Kona Cloud Forest.

What is a Cloud Forest?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a cloud forest can be defined as a moist tropical or subtropical forest that is characterized by persistent low-level clouds. In cloud forests, you will find an abundance of mosses and epiphyte.

What is an epiphyte? Another name for an epiphyte is an air plant. The Britannica defines an epiphyte any plant that grows upon other plants or objects merely for physical support. They have no attachment to the ground or other obvious nutrient sources. Thus like a parasite, they grow on the host plant, but they are not considered parasites because they do not take any nutrients from the host plant. Isn’t this just a unique plant?

Now that we know a bit more about cloud forests lets look at the Kona Cloud Forest that we are touring.

The Kona Cloud Forest

The Kona Cloud Forest Tour receives its praise from the Hawaii Magazine. Let’s explain to you why this place is such a fantastic place to visit. The Kona Cloud Forest is easily accessible even though it is elevated 3000 feet above the Kona coast.

Majority of this sanctuary is still covered in native plants, many that are considered rare and endangered. During your walking tour, you will come across ancient Koa, Ohia, gigantic tree ferns and various bamboo.

When it comes to birds, this beautiful piece of land is the home of many endemic and exotic birds. Some of the bird species include the Hawaiian Hawk and Honey Creepers.

As part of our tour, you will have the unique opportunity to see all the exotic trees, plants, flowers and birds of the Kona Cloud Forest. Believe us when we say that you will not be disappointed.


What Do You Need To Know?

Our list of important information will make your life easier and will greatly increase your tour experience!

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots. Don’t wear flipflops or sandals.
  • A long-sleeved shirt, light sweaters and long pants are suggested for this walk. A change of clothes and a towel will come in handy.
  • An umbrella will be a good call because we will probably experience some light rains.
  • You are going to have a hard time if you bring a stroller or any other wheel-based transportation due to the vegetation of this forest.
  • There are no restrooms along the trail, so make use of the restrooms before the tour starts.
  • Get yourself a walking stick it will help you to navigate the difficult parts of the trail.
  • Ensure that your cellphone or the batteries for your camera are charged, you are going to want to take millions of beautiful photos.

Join us for an experience of a life time!