The Paniolo

Hawaiian cowboy

The National Park Service on the history of the Hawaiian Cowboy.  Come with us on a luxury adventure to visit the Kilauea  volcano and learn of the history of the beautiful Big Island. Even before the mythology of the cowboy in the American “wild west” became popularized, Hawaiian cowboys (paniolo) were wrangling longhorn cattle on […]

The Inspiring Quest To Revive The Hawaiian Language

Alia Wong for the Smithsonian Magazine on the couple who sparked a renewal of the Hawaiian language.  Sit back and relax on a luxury tour and learn about the culture of Hawaii from our excellent guides. Pelehonuamea Suganuma and Kekoa Harman were bright-eyed high schoolers in Honolulu when they first crossed paths, in the 1990s. […]


Hula Dancers on lava

Go Hawaii on the hula.  A unique expression of the culture of Hawaii through dance.  Join us on our Wild & Scenic Volcano tour which stops in Hilo, home of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. Hula in the Hawaiian Islands On its surface, hula is the storytelling dance of the Hawaiian Islands. As with all […]

The May 1924 Explosive Eruption of Kīlauea

The USGS on the May 24th eruption of Kilauea.  Join us on one of our volcano tours to witness firsthand the majesty of this eruption and the beauty of the Hawaiian culture. Halema‘uma‘u, the largest crater in Kīlauea Caldera, was the site of more than 50 explosive events during a 2.5-week period in May 1924. Halema‘uma‘u, […]

Hawaii State Flower: Yellow Hawaiian Hibiscus

Our premier tour company has the best opportunities to visit scenic and wild Big Island features in comfort and luxury.  Here’s an article on the state flower of Hawaii from Explore The Big Island. The Hawaii State Flower is a beautiful ornamental known as yellow Hawaiian hibiscus. It is distinguished by its large and full bright yellow […]