Both A Restaurant And Art Gallery, Hawaiʻi’s Bamboo Restaurant Is An Underrated Day Trip Destination

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Hawi is a beautiful town in the north of the Big Island.  Melissa Mahoney for Only In Your State on the eclectic Bamboo Restaurant and Art Gallery.  Join us on one of our luxury tours to experience the culture and history of the best of the Big Island.

Delicious food can be found throughout the Aloha State, but sometimes we want more than just a great meal. What makes a meal even better is the experience we get with it. Whether it’s the unique ambiance that comes with eating in a historic building, local art adorning the walls, or even an activity like dancing. Yes, dancing. That’s the dining experience you can look forward to at Bamboo Restaurant in Hawaiʻi. Let’s take a look at what you will find at the Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery, one of the best restaurants in Hawaiʻi.

Bamboo Restaurant and Gallery is located in a restored plantation building in Hawi, HI.

It was originally built as a hotel in the early 1900s before it became a dry-goods and grocery store for 65 years under new ownership. Eventually, it was restored and opened as a restaurant in 1993.

The ambiance of this restaurant is both charming and eclectic and it’s easy to see why. The colorful art and decor that adorn just about every square inch of the historic building it resides in make this a fascinating place to dine.

Aside from the atmosphere, Bamboo Restaurant serves incredible classic Hawaiʻian food using local produce, grass-fed meats, free-range chicken, and locally caught fish. It also has plenty of vegetarian options too.

You’ll enjoy local island flavors with fresh ingredients in everything from the pupus and salads to the entrees and sandwiches.

Although art is featured throughout the restaurant, the main gallery is located upstairs on the second floor. This space features art from local artists and one-of-a-kind gifts from around Kohala and the Pacific Rim region.

Browse the gallery space for unique art and craft pieces, handmade koa furniture, decor, handcrafted jewelry, silk leis, and more. It will be hard to walk away empty-handed!

When you come to Bamboo Restaurant, you may be lucky enough to see the staff hula and learn how to hula yourself! This is an incredibly fun and captivating place to be.



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