13 Undeniable Reasons Why The World Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Hawaii


Megan Shute for Only In Your State discusses why Hawaii adds so much to the world. Our Volcano tour is another undeniable reason that shows Hawaii’s unique flavor.

Whether you realize it or not, Hawaii is so much more than just a tropical vacation destination; it is home to a unique culture, amazing people, and outstanding beaches. It has also made significant contributions to the agriculture, tourism, and film industries, among others. I shudder to think of what the world would be like without the Aloha State.

  1. Without Hawaii, there would be considerably fewer amazing beaches in the world. And that’s pretty sad.
  2. The world would also be missing some pretty stellar waterfalls, and incredible views.
  3. Without Hawaii, where would the rest of America go for a tropical vacation? They might actually have to get passports.
  4. Pineapple production would decrease drastically if Hawaii weren’t in existence. In fact, pineapple might never have been popular if it weren’t for James Dole.
  5. Hawaii is also responsible for much of the world’s coffee, vanilla, and taro harvest.
  6. Where would Hollywood directors shoot tropical scenes? Movies like Jurassic Park, Gozilla, Blue Hawaii and 50 First Dates might not exist – or at least, not be as visually appealing.
  7. The Aloha Spirit wouldn’t be a thing. Without the people of Hawaii spreading aloha wherever they go, the world would be a much meaner place to live.
  8. Perhaps honu would no longer have a place to thrive. Where would all the sea life surrounding the islands live if Hawaii didn’t exist?
  9. Without Hawaii, the first African American president would not exist. Whether you love or hate Obama, who was born in Hawaii, the world would not be the same without his leadership of the United States throughout the last eight years.
  10. And who knows what type of trouble America would be in if its military didn’t have a strong presence in the middle of the Pacific.
  11. Without Hawaii, America would only have 49 states. Which is much less impressive than 50. After all, Hawaii was the last to become an American state, in 1959.
  12. The field of astronomy wouldn’t be the same without Hawaii, and the observatory that sits atop Mauna Kea – home to the world’s largest telescope.
  13. And lastly, the world wouldn’t have luaus, leis, or anything else uniquely Hawaiian. Let’s all thank Pele that Hawaii exists.

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