The 13 Very Best Day Trips You Can Possibly Take In Hawaii

Here’s a helpful article on the best day trips you can take in Hawaii from Only In Your State.  Our tours are the very best way to day trip on the Big Island in comfort and luxury. Our Coffee, Cloud Forest and Brewery Tour visits the famous Mountain Thunder Coffee in Kona.

When you live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, even visiting a neighboring island requires plane tickets and hotel reservations. Luckily, depending on which island you call home, you will find that there are a variety of day trips possible to make the most of your Saturday off. From short road trips and farm trails to kayaking trips and adventure parks, these are 13 of the best day trips throughout Hawaii that you need to check out for yourself!

Learn about the history of Pearl Harbor.

The December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor triggered the United State’s entry into World War II. You may not have known that Hawaii was put under martial law until the end of the war. Today, Pearl Harbor houses a variety of historical sites, and is home to more than 160 commands. If you only see one thing while visiting Pearl Harbor, it has to be the famous USS Arizona Memorial, but we also recommend checking out the Pacific Aviation Museum, the USS Battleship Missouri, and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum & Park. This would be a moving day trip to Pearl Harbor. For more information, including hours of operation, visit the National Park Service’s website.

Relax at the stunning Volcano Winery.

Located on Hawaii Island, just five minutes from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and ten minutes from the Kilauea Overlook is a picturesque winery perfect for a day trip with your significant other or closest girlfriends. The unique Volcano Winery is located at 4,000 feet in elevation on the slopes of an active volcano and nestled between two volcanoes on lava-covered land that allows Symphony Grape Vines to flourish. Founded in 1986, Volcano Winery is the only winery on Hawaii Island, and one of only three commercial wineries in Hawaii. It is also the southernmost winery in the United States. For more information including hours of operation and tasting schedules, be sure to check out their website.

Get inspired at Lanai’s Garden of the Gods.

Also known as Garden of the Gods, this otherworldly rock garden at the end of Polihua Road is located 45 minutes from Lanai City on a dirt path only advised for vehicles with four-wheel drive. According to Hawaiian legend, the barren landscape is the result of a contest between two kahuna – priests – from Lanai and Molokai. They were challenged to keep a fire burning on their respective islands longer than the other. The winner’s island was thought to be rewarded with great abundance. Kawelo, the kahuna from Lanai, used all the vegetation found in Keahiakawelo to keep the fire burning – which is why the area is so barren. This is a stunning historic place in Hawaii to visit. The road is rough, so you’ll need a four-wheel drive vehicle or mountain bike. Adventure Lana’i Island Club rents mountain bikes and can even deliver them for you!

Explore Kualoa Ranch.

On the windward coast of Oahu, far away from the hustle and bustle that is Waikiki, there is a vast, beautiful ranch that is as beautiful as it is exciting. This is Kualoa Ranch, and it is an absolute must-visit. From horseback riding and ATV tours to boat excursions and zip lining, you’re sure to find the perfect activity – whether you’re seeking a thrilling adventure or a family-friendly activity. To find more information about their current activities available, pursue their website or Facebook page.

Check out Maui’s best waterfalls on this epic road trip.

Everyone knows that Maui’s Road to Hana is one of the most breathtaking drives in the state – but did you know that the iconic highway features several different waterfalls as well, making it the perfect setting for the ultimate Maui waterfall road trip. Beginning at the beautiful Pipiwai Trail, this breathtaking drive will take you to nine of Maui’s best waterfalls. After visiting the waterfalls, you’ll be hungry! Head on over to Kilo’s Kitchen to grab a snack and slake your hunger.

Hang out in Hanalei.

With a small one-lane bridge leading into town, and an unusual mix of shopping and dining options, the very small town – approximately 0.8 square miles – is full of old world charm. The town has a population of 450 and is home to stellar views of Kauai’s taro fields, various art galleries, and historic sites, as well as fresh air and the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Refresh yourself with a shaved Ice from Wishing Well. This is one tasty stop you don’t want to miss!

Kayak to the Mokolua Islands.

Located less than a mile offshore on the Windward coast of Oahu lie two tiny little islets. The Mokulua Islands, affectionately referred to as simply “the mokes,” are one of the Oahu’s most popular day trip destinations, and rightfully so. These dreamy little islands – and the turquoise water you must paddle through to reach them – are absolutely incredible, and easy to reach regardless of skill. Kailua Beach Adventures offers guided trips to the beautiful islands, so make sure to check them out!

Check out Maui’s incredible farm trail.

From famous farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants to organic goat farms and pineapple plantations, this magnificent trail will take you to eight of Maui’s greatest farms, all with a drive time of just over an hour. Farmer’s Market Maui is a great place to provision for your trip. You can find their hours on their website, along with other important information.

Why not take this picturesque road trip to Oahu’s prettiest lighthouses.

These six lighthouses found on Oahu’s coast are as dreamy as their surroundings and make for the perfect road trip. You’ll start your morning on Oahu’s windward coast for sunrise viewing Pyramid Rock Beach before heading around the southern coast of the island, visiting four breathtaking lighthouses, and ending your day at the Kaena Point Lighthouse for a stunning Hawaiian sunset. For current conditions, make sure to visit the State Parks website before your trip.

Stroll through the beautiful Allerton Garden.

Upon entering the enchanting Allerton Garden, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with this incredible destination. Established and curated by Robert Allerton, this 80-acre garden is tucked into the Lawai Valley on the southern shores of Kauai, and is transected by Lawai Stream. Within the garden, you will find fragrant flowers, awe-inspiring trees and plants, as well as various sculptures and even man-made water features. If you want to know all about their upcoming events, make sure to check out their website.

Hike to Kauai’s breathtaking Hanakapiai Beach + Falls.

Situated along Kauai’s fabled Na Pali Coast is Hanakapi’ai Beach and Falls, accessible only via a strenuous, eight-mile round trip day hike. Don’t let the mileage scare you off – the hike to Hanakapiai is an absolute must-experience for anyone who isn’t experienced enough to tackle the famous Kalalau Trail. The journey to reach this unspoiled Hawaiian paradise will surely take all day, but is well worth the effort and makes for an epic day trip. For more information about current trail conditions, and great hiking tips, visit Hanakapiai Beach + Falls’ trail information on All Trails.

Tour an authentic Kona coffee farm.

If there’s one beverage Hawaii is known for, it’s coffee. After all, Hawaii is the only American state with land able to grow coffee. Only grown in a small section of fertile volcanic soil on Hawaii Island’s Kona coast, Kona coffee is definitely a cut above any coffee you can find, well, pretty much anywhere – and nowhere will you find a better cup of authentic Kona coffee than at the famous Greenwell Farms. To schedule a tour, head on over to their website for up-to-date information.

 Soar through the skies at this Oahu adventure park.

Located on Oahu’s north shore at Keana Farms, Climb Works is home to the longest ziplines on Oahu – and an incredible experience. The ziplining tour lasts approximately three hours, and includes eight tandem ziplines, starting with the short and sweet 500-foot line, and ending with the adventure park’s 2,400-foot line. Climb Works’ long, high, and extra-quiet ziplines are not only extremely safe, but designed so you can witness all of the breathtaking beauty Oahu’s north shore has to offer, from famous beaches and picturesque farms to majestic mountains and lush valleys. To plan and set up your trip to Climb Works, head on over to their website to check out prices and hours of operation.