Hawaii Travel Tips For A Remarkable Vacation

A trip to Hawaii is one of the best things you can do to create exciting memories that can last a lifetime. So, to make your vacation a truly remarkable one, we’ve compiled a simple list of Hawaii travel tips to help you plan better.

Hawaii travel tips for an exciting vacation on the island  

1. Don’t hold back!

This is my favorite Hawaii travel tips. Once you’re on the island, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If you’ve always wanted to go camping, don’t hesitate to try that. If you’ve never tried hiking a long distance before, go ahead and try it. What about breathtaking off-road adventures? You may want to try that too. The idea is to break out of the norm by challenging yourself to find new and safe way of having fun like visiting caves and volcanoes or going on a rum tour.

2. Take millions of photos if you can!

While its literarily impossible to take millions of photos in just one trip, the idea is to take as many photos as you can. Some things only happen once in a lifetime. While you may visit Hawaii as many times as you can, you may not be able to recreate the same memory twice. Also, pictures can help you keep those awesome memories fresh anytime you look at them. You may even want to post some of these photos on social media so you can always have them with you on the go.

3. Visit attractions during lunchtime

Hawaii attracts millions of visitors every year and some attractions are usually crowded. If you don’t really like crowds like several other people, you should visit attractions and historical sites when most people are having lunch. This make seem like the easiest of all Hawaii travel tips, but it’s really important and it can huge difference.

hawaii travel tips 3

4. Don’t choke your trip with too many activities

Trying to do so many things within a short period can take all the excitement away from your trip. There are so many breathtaking and beautiful attractions to see alongside exciting activities to do on Hawaii. You should pick only the ones you consider as the best for you.

If you enjoy spending time at the beach, choose the three most beautiful beaches on the island rather than trying to visit all the beaches in a few days. The idea is to slow down to enjoy every second of every moment of your trip rather than rushing through the entire trip within a short time.

5. Take an extra credit card and bank card with you

So many unexpected things happen while you’re out having fun on a vacation. You may lose your credit card while hiking, or during lunch time, or even forget your wallet at the beach. Since money is a key part of your trip, you should create a backup by having an extra bank card or credit card with you. Also, opt for a no-fee bank cards as the various fees gradually add up. Losing a card shouldn’t be the end of your vacation making this one of the most important Hawaii travel tips.

6. Wear sunscreen

As you already know, Hawaii is sunny! So, you’ll have to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the rays of the sun. Whether you’re on the beach or having a long hike, once the sun is up, make sure you’re wearing a sunscreen. This is one of the most critical Hawaii travel tips.