Hawaii Tours – 5 Tips to Plan The Best Vacation

So you’ve booked your airplane tickets to Hawaii. You’ve found a great hotel, rented a car and even bought a brand new swimsuit. Now what? Well now it’s time to figure out what to do between meals, beach time and inter-island flights: book the best Hawaii tours to make the most of your vacation!

As you may know, some of the most popular popular things to do in Hawaii include snorkeling and scuba diving, zip-lining, hiking and sightseeing trips, luaus, horseback riding, ATVs, and helicopter tours.. just to name a few. There are lots of activities to choose from in the Aloha State and, while some of us like to plan, others feel the need to just “Let Hawaii Happen”. 

But before you decide on anything, take our advice on how to find the best Hawaii tours to enjoy on your vacation.

tour of Hawaii

Make a list of the best Hawaii tours you can find

Prioritize what activities are a “MUST DO” while on vacation.  For some, a vacation here could be the trip of a lifetime so maybe you shouldn’t miss booking a helicopter tour or seeing a volcano. Others may enjoy swimming with manta rays or feeding sharks in a cage off the North Shore on Oahu. Whatever is the most important SHOULD be the most important. You’ve come all this way, so why not take the plunge and book a tour you know you’ll really enjoy?

Make a budget for your trip to Hawaii

Yes, Hawaii is expensive. Hopefully you have been saving and working hard to make your vacation the best that it can be. Having a budget will help you enjoy your vacation without worrying if you have to sell your motorcycle to cover your credit card bill.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen enough people with a half-smile in their vacation photos… And that’s probably because they can’t relax because they are trying to budget their entire vacation in their head on the go. Don’t let that happen to you and make a realistic budget for your trip.

Spread out your Hawaiian vacation as best as you can

If you don’t have time, don’t cram. Some guests like to always be on the go while in Hawaii and that’s okay. But if you truly came here to relax, book some Hawaii tours and schedule some time in between bucket-list items. If you’re trying to parachute quickly so that you can get to the luau, you’re not really doing what you came to here to do – which is enjoy the time you spend in Hawaii.

Do your research when it comes to Hawaii tours

If you’re looking to book the best Hawaii tours for you and for your family and friends, asking the concierge at your hotel for recommendations may be a good idea. They may tell you that your favorite tour books quickly and it’s better to book your seat in advance.

You don’t want try to make plans at the last minute when it comes to “MUST DO” Hawaii tours! You can also ask for advice on potential upgrades, hotel promotions, or first-hand local knowledge. Ask the concierge, “If your family was coming to town and wanted to do (blank), what would you say?”

TripAdvisor has an incredible database of information for the island, hotels, activities, and tours. YELP can help you out with your vacation planning as well. The power of reviews has influenced everyone to be on their A-GAME.

Call ahead to book your favorite tours in Hawaii

Call the vendor of the tour company to get the best possible price. Sometimes, tour companies run specials or promotions that may save you hundreds of dollars. Or they may even be able to provide you with other options and tour times that you didn’t know about.

With a list of prioritized activities, you’ll be sure to get tickets to your favorite events and tours in Hawaii. Whatever you do, remember to prioritize, research, and set a budget. And don’t forget to get multiple opinions and make sure to ask lots of questions when it comes to planning your perfect trip to the Aloha State.