Experience The Famous Hawaii Rum Tour

There are numerous tours on the Big Island but only a few can be compared to the Hawaii Rum Tour. It’s an amazing tour that takes tourists across various attractions on the Big Island, known as the Kuleana Rum Experience. Kuleana Distillery is the home of the finest rum ever made on the Big Island and that’s why the Kuleana rum experience is the centerpiece of the Hawaii Rum Tour.

While on the tour, you’ll get the chance to taste the famous Kuleana Rum Works – if you wish. The rum is made from juice extracted from sugarcanes grown on the island. But there’s more to the tour than just rum. Below is the highlight of the Hawaii Rum Tour.

Hawaii Rum Tour Highlights

The Hawaii rum tour isn’t only about rum. Here are other attractions you’ll get the chance to see while on the tour:

Kuleana Rum Shack  

If you’d love to taste the best of Hawaiian spirits, look no further than the Kuleana Rum Shack. It’s a family-owned restaurant, with a retail store and a bar. You can enjoy the famous Kuleana Rum here, it’s a signature cocktail at the rum shack. More so, you’ll get the chance to enjoy fresh, local Hawaiian cuisines and more.

King Kamehameha Statue, Kapaau

King Kamehameha 1 is the island’s greatest leader, diplomat, and warrior. He’s famous for uniting the Hawaiian Islands into one kingdom in 1810. A bronze statue was built in honor of the great king close to where he was born on the island. The statue depicts the king adorned in his royal attire holding a spear in one hand and a welcoming gesture on the other. You’ll get the chance to see this famous statue during your Hawaii Rum Tour.

Hawaii rum tour

Pololu Valley

Spoiler alert: there’s a black sand beach at the floor of this breathtaking valley. The Pololu valley is the most northern of the beautiful valleys that evolved out of the Kohala volcano at the flourishing green pastures of the Kohala region. The breathtaking views of the valley and the steep cliff that runs into the ocean are absolutely amazing. More so, you can go down the valley floor for a hike on the black sand beach. You’ll get the chance to see the Pololu Valley during the Hawaii Rum Tour.

Upolu Point

If you’d like to see the most northern point on the Big Island, then you’ll have to visit the Upolu Point. The point was formed by cooled lava as a result of one of the old eruptions from the Kohala volcano. The famous Upolu Point is located just 2 miles (3 km) away from the town of Hawi.

Kuleana Distilleries

Kuleana Distilleries is the home of the best rum on the Big Island, Kuleana Rum Works. The Distillery extract and refine fresh sugarcane juice into premium rum Agricole, locally grown on their distillery’s farm. A visit to this distillery will help you learn more about their world-class rum. This is the centerpiece of the Hawaii Rum Tour.

If you’d like to be a part of the Kuleana Rum Experience, learn everything you need to know about the tour here including dates, time, and all other relevant information.