Hawaii Circle Island Tour – Discover The Big Island

We are passionate about Big Island Hawaii and about providing you the ultimate experience while touring Hawaii. That is why we designed our newest Hawaii Circle Island Tour with your experience in mind. You shouldn’t miss out on this tour!

You might be wondering what makes this tour so special? The answer to that question is the volcanoes, black sand beach, Kona coffee, and iconic waterfalls make this tour special. Believe us when we say that words can not bring justice to this experience.


The Experience

It is a must-have experience, might be an overused phrase in marketing. But why is this phrase used so often? When looking at the dictionary definition of experience, you will find that an experience is an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on you.

If we at Kailani Tours then use the sentence that this is a must-have experience, you can be assured that this tour will have a lasting impression. Our Hawaii Circle Island Tour is a tour you would want to capture in your photo albums, social media profile, and memories forever.

Hawaii Circle Island Tour Schedule

The Morning

You can wake up with a cup of coffee, don’t stress about breakfast; we have got you covered. We start by picking you up in the morning at your hotel or another predetermined pickup location.

We then visit a Premium Kona Coffee Farm. Where we will have a gourmet Island-Style Breakfast, you will have the opportunity to shop a bit and taste some of the amazing coffee. This will take roughly 30 minutes.

The next stop is at Punalu’u Bake Shop, where we will eat some of the local pastries. We suggest that you buy some extra for later. This stop takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

At Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, we have 20–30 minutes to look at the turtles. Personally, we would want to stay here the whole day, but this is not where the experience end.


Lunch Break

After a busy morning, we have an hour stop for a Gourmet Catered Lunch. Please sit back, relax, and take a breather before continuing with our Hawaii Circle Island Tour.

Off to the next part of our adventure is a 90min tour of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. What an amazing sight to see! This massive park has everything from natural steam vents to the new Halemau’mau Crater.

The second last mini-tour that forms part of the overall Hawaii Circle Island Tour is a 20min visit to Rainbow Falls. A picture-perfect stop.

Before we go home, we will conclude the tour with a 20min stop at Waipio Valley Lookout. Lookout over the Hamakua Coast to wrap up this experience.

At the end of this experience, we will drop you off at your hotel. Safe and sound. With a phone or camera full of pictures and the long-lasting memories of the Big Island of Hawaii. Big Island Hawaii will definitely make an impression on you. This is a must-have experience.