COVID-19 Protocol

Commitment to Our Guests and Staff

Since closing, we have installed new measures in how we protect our staff and our customers. Following CDC and other respected guidelines, we have implemented strict policies that will increase customers and staff confidence. Some of the new steps that we have taken include but are not limited to:

Transmission Barriers

In conjunction with advised rules and regulations, guides and guests will wear masks. Until conditions change, masks are mandatory. Kailani Tours guides will provide masks to guests who may have forgotten their own. Guests who refuse to wear masks will not be allowed to join the tour. Should guests refuse to wear a mask for any reason while on tour, they will not be allowed to continue the tour and will not be refunded. All vehicle cabin filters will be replaced on a more frequent basis to ensure a more sanitized cabin air filtration system.

Guides will facilitate social distancing between guests. Tour schedules will allow for more frequent stops for guests to wash their hands. Hand sanitizer will continue to be available on board.

Touchless Solutions 

All payments will be tendered online to decrease client-guide direct interactions.

Enhanced Sanitation 

Warehouse staff will disinfect the interior and exterior of each vehicle prior to and after each trip. We have implemented twice daily cleaning of all equipment, seating areas, headrests and door handles. Sanitation and medical grade barriers will be our focus for preventing the spread.

Guides will continuously sterilize handles, provide hand sanitizer and wipe down returned equipment at each stop on tour.

Health Screening 

Guides will take client temperatures at pick-up. Clients with irregular temperature will not be allowed on tour. Clients showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed on tour.

Food & Beverage Protocol

Kailani Tours works directly with food vendors to provide higher sanitation practices, sterilized meal containers and to implement disposable, single-use plating. In addition, we have upgraded to biodegradable cutlery and flatware.

Guides and food servers will continue to use commercial grade food service gloves and other protective equipment.

Staff Health

Employees must complete a health-check upon arriving at the baseyard. Employees with irregular temperatures are required to return home immediately. Employees experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 must receive a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to work.

Guides will maintain a 6-foot physical distance when interacting at baseyard. If a 6-foot physical distance cannot be maintained, masks are required. Office staff are seated with 10 foot physical distance. Masks are required when leaving assigned desks.


Partner Operations

Kailani Tours maintains clear communication with partners and vendors. Kailani Tours only partners with organizations that follow like-minded health and safety protocols.

Contingency Plan


In the event that a COVID-19 case is reported by a client or guide, all guests will be notified of the exposure. All guides will receive a COVID-19 test and all tours will be cancelled until the entire staff has received a negative test result. Before reopening, the COVID-19 Protocol will be reviewed and updated.