Coffee Tours Hawaii – We Are Serious About Coffee!

At Kailani Tours Hawaii, we are serious about coffee. Our Hawaii Coffee Tours is a dream come true for all coffee lovers. If you are a not so enthusiastic coffee drinker don’t stress, we promise that this tour has something special for you as well.

Our tour does not only include the coffee hot spots in Hawaii; you will visit the Cloud Forest and a Brewery in just half a day. You can thus experience a morning packed full of activities in one of our luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter Mini-Coaches, and we promise to have you back lounging at the pool with daylight to spare.

Hawaii Coffee, Cloud Forest, and Brewery Tour

Let’s see what this fantastic tour offers. We depart our Hawaii Coffee Tour from your hotel. After a short drive in one of our luxury Mini-Coaches, we will reach the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. A truly historical and cultural landmark. Here you have the opportunity to walk on the grounds of ancient fishponds and to learn about the Hawaiian culture. Be on the lookout for the turtles; they are fantastic!

We will start our coffee drinking at our next stop – Mountain Thunder Coffee. The Hawaii Guide rates this Kona Coffee Tour as one of the Top 5 Things to Do on the Big Island. You can trust the Hawaii Guide this tour is a must! We visit a beautiful farm high in the slopes of the Hualalai volcano to learn how to grow and roast coffee beans. Yes, we definitely drink these freshly roasted cups of coffee!


The next stop receives praise from the Hawaii Magazine – the Kona Cloud Forest Walking Tour. During our tour, you will go on a walk through the enchanting Kona Cloud forest that is always engulf in a shroud of mist. The forest is famous for its exotic trees, plants, flowers and beautiful birds. A true paradise!

The last stop on our Hawaii Coffee Tours is at Ola Brew Co. which is rated as one of Hawaii’s finest breweries by the Big Island Guide. Here at the Kona hangout, you can enjoy an AMAZING meal while cooling down with an ice-cold beer or cider.

Important Information

Lets look at some of the additional information do you need to know about our Hawaii Coffee Tours:

  • We can cater for different tour sizes anything from two people to 56 at a time.
  • You will be travelling in luxury 14-passenger vans.
  • We have the best guides at Kailani Tours.
  • We pick you up at your hotel, or you can meet us at a central point for the start of your tour.
  • Our vehicles are equipped to store wheelchairs or medical equipment easily.
  • We can accommodate special dietary requests.
  • During our tours, we will hike or walk you can, however, choose to rest at one of the Visitors Centers instead.
  • We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses and shorts or long pants. Bring along a light jacket!

Join us for the perfect half-day Hawaii Coffee Tour Today!