The Best Restaurants in Kona with Outdoor Seating

The Best Restaurants in Kona with Outdoor Seating

You’re in Paradise!  Now it’s time to celebrate! And what better way to kick off your Hawaiian vacation than by enjoying a nice meal at some of the best restaurants in Kona before say, planning a fun coffee, Cloud Forest and brewery tour

Here are 5 of our favorite restaurants in Kailua Kona. As a disclaimer, these are our favorite OUTDOOR places to eat but rest assured, once you’ve tried them, we guarantee you’ll add them to your own list of best restaurants in Kona!

5.  Best restaurants in Kona: Lava Java

Also known as the best breakfast spot on Alii Drive. Seating is limited, but if you can get a seat outside, you’re in! 

Sit down with a giant cinnamon roll, yogurt and papaya, or just have a sip of some Kona coffee. Here you can to listen to live music, watch the dolphins or whales, and plan your perfect Big Island day.

4.  Don’t miss a chance to visit the Kona Inn

Do you ever wish you could see what old Hawaii was like? Care to dine in giant wicker chairs and listen to the waves? 

This is old Kona – no better place to feel nostalgic than the Kona Inn! The food isn’t the best but the view is right up there. So stop in for some pupus and a fruity beverage.

This restaurant is all about experience. Built in 1928 for steamship passengers, the old Kona Inn maintains the feel of an old sugar mill and a beautiful view of Kailua Bay. This is Hawaii.

3.  Coffee Shack is definitely one of the top places to eat in Kona

Nestled along the hillside south of Kailua, high above Kealakekua Bay, the Coffee Shack is the most unique dining location in Kona.

This restaurant is surrounded by fragrant flowers, exotic birds, and geckos everywhere. French toast, cinnamon buns, and papaya are just a few of their specialties. The bread is fresh baked, the staff is friendly, and the aloha is abundant.

Pull open the tab on a guava jelly and set it out to be the geckos’ favorite diner. Carefully navigate here on your way to the Place of Refuge or fuel up on your way to the volcano; you’ll be so proud of yourself that you found the Coffee Shack!

2.  Don’t forget to stop by Huggo’s

No walls, open air, and that Aloha breeze.  One of the best restaurants in Kona!

Huggo’s and Huggo’s on the Rocks offer incredible views of the water, incredible food, and nightly entertainment. Put your feet in the sand at Huggo’s on the Rocks or dine in style at Huggo’s Restaurant.

Huggo’s fresh catch is my go-to dinner; grilled fish on a bed of mashed purple potatoes and coconut. This is where you go to celebrate Hawaii life.

1.  Top restaurants in Kona: Daylight Mind Cafe

This place is easily the most expensive real estate on the Kailua Bay shoreline. And one of the very best restaurants in Kona!

Two floors of brilliant bay views make this spot our #1. Locals and visitors will be here for breakfast, lunch, and even business meetings. The warm Kona winds blow while you take in the views of the Pacific. 

Take a big cup of coffee up to the top floor for spectacular views and free WiFi. Daylight Mind Cafe has everything – food, drink, and views for days! Many come for breakfast and are still there for lunch: it’s that great!