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Do we get to see lava at Kilauea Volcano?


Often I hear guests, potential customers, and those who have never been to the Big Island ask, “Do you see lava at Kilauea Volcano?”  Great question!  For a long time, before even seeing Kilauea Volcano for the first time, I wondered the same thing.

When we think of volcanoes, we often think of that grade school science experiment with baking soda and vinegar.  Simply pour vinegar into the baking soda conic crater and… instant eruption!

Kilauea volcano’s eruptions are far more complicated than that of course, but over the course of several blog posts, we would like to talk about just what exactly happening at the volcano.  We’ll talk about simple concepts: What’s lava?  Is Magma the same thing as lava?  What’s really happening at Kilauea?

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