Best Places To Travel In Hawaii

What are the best places to travel in Hawaii? Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places under the sun with tons of breathtaking attractions, beaches, landmarks, volcanoes, marine life, plants, animals, and a whole lot more. Whether you’re visiting the island for the first time, or you’re a serial tourist on the island, one […]

Big Island Excursions – Come and experience the Adventure!

We at Kailani Tours are adventure experts and would like to invite you to the experience of a lifetime. Come and join us on one of our Big Island Excursions! We assure you that this will be memorable. Why Big Island? Well, Big Island is as its name suggests the biggest Island of Hawaii. On […]

Is Kona Safe to Travel?

Is Kona safe to travel for tourism, vacation, and any other reason? Yes! Kona is safe to travel for any reason and visitors often enjoy these five remarkable things to don on the island. Safety should be at the top of your list while considering any island on Hawaii for a vacation. Thankfully, Hawaii is […]

Best Places to Visit During Big Island Tours

Big Island tours are rated as some of the best on the planet. The island is filled with so many beautiful attractions and natural phenomenon that leave visitors awestruck and thrilled. From the beautiful Black Sand Beach to breathtaking volcanoes, hiking trails, coffee farms, and more. The number of places you can visit on Big […]

Hawaii Travel Tips For A Remarkable Vacation

A trip to Hawaii is one of the best things you can do to create exciting memories that can last a lifetime. So, to make your vacation a truly remarkable one, we’ve compiled a simple list of Hawaii travel tips to help you plan better. Hawaii travel tips for an exciting vacation on the island […]

Explore The National Parks On Hawaii Big Island

The Big Island is one of the most breathtaking islands on the planet with lots of spectacular attractions that attracts millions of visitors every year. The Big Island is home to four out of the five national parks in the state of Hawaii and one national historic trail making the island one of the best […]

Top 5 Activities on Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island is one of the most awe-inspiring places in the world, offering breathtaking mountain scenery, pristine beaches, mighty waterfalls, active volcanoes, and so much more. With decades of experience and rich local knowledge, our expert guides at Kailani Tours know the region well. We’re proud to showcase the beauty of our islands to […]

When is the Best Time to Travel to Hawaii?

The good news is there is no bad time to visit Hawaii. The island has a great climate all year round making it suitable for everyone. But there are several reasons why people visit the island so you may want to choose a particular period as the best time to travel to Hawaii depending on […]

How to Stay Updated About Events on the Big Island Now

The Big Island is a tourist haven and a nature lover’s paradise. The possibility of what you can do on the island to appreciate nature is almost endless. If you’re looking to visit on a vacation or for any other reason, you’ll have to stay updated about events on the Big Island now. Just so […]

Experience The Famous Hawaii Rum Tour

There are numerous tours on the Big Island but only a few can be compared to the Hawaii Rum Tour. It’s an amazing tour that takes tourists across various attractions on the Big Island, known as the Kuleana Rum Experience. Kuleana Distillery is the home of the finest rum ever made on the Big Island […]