Meet Jim


Years of Experience: 7+ years of guiding experience on the Big Island.

Area of Expertise: Storytelling, astronomy, Hawaiian stories and legends. Mythology.

Background: Moved from Wisconsin in 2010; 40 years in the trucking industry. Master storyteller of Hawaiian myths, legends and history.

Why I love my job: Jim loves to tell stories that inspire him, to pass on his passion for Hawaiian history.  He also has a special place in his heart for Hawaii’s people and their spiritual beliefs, social structure and ability to flourish as a society.

Favorite Part of the Island: Everywhere! There is always somewhere new to explore. Jim is often seen hiking the native forests of Hualalai volcano on his days off.

Inspiration: Hawaiian people. Their political and social systems and order are to be celebrated. Jim’s humble desire to learn about Hawaii and the people of the land is contagious for his guests on tour. Guest will return to Hawaii to hear more stories.