4 Awesome Things To Do In Kona, Hawaii For Free In 2020

We know that 2020 hit our budgets hard,, but you still need a break. That is why we at Kailani Tours compiled our list of things to do in Kona, Hawaii for free. The list will give you insight on what you can do in Kona without it costing you a dime.

Our list of awesome things to do in Kona consists of beach hopping, history, window shopping and hiking. You can do all these activities on your own when you visit Hawaii or join one of our guided tours.

Things To Do In Kona, Hawaii For Free

Let’s jump into the list of things that you can do in Kona, Hawaii for free.

Relax At The Beach

Big Island is known for its beautiful family-friendly beaches, believe us there is no shortage of beaches that you can visit. On the beaches, you can relax, go for a swim, snorkel in the cold water or look at the turtles.

It doesn’t matter if you want to wind down for the day and relax with your family or have an action-packed day, a day at the beach will sure be fun. The access to the beaches are free, remember to bring sunblock.

Go For A Walk In The Town

The town of Kona has a lot to offer for free. We suggest that you start your walk at Coconut Grove Marketplace, here you might want to spend some money, but you don’t have to. As you walk through the town, you will come across the King Kamehameha the Great’s temple and Moku’aikaua Church.

Perhaps you can stop at one of the shops for breakfast or lunch or have a cup of coffee. You can not go wrong with a cup of freshly brewed Hawaiian coffee.

Visit An Archaeological Site

The Original King Kamehameha Statue forms part of Big Islands culture and history. The statue was erected to pay homage to the first Hawaiian King.

We at Kailani Tours agree with TripAdvisor when they rate this as one of the top sites on Big Island. The best of it all is that you can visit this archaeological site for free.

Go On A Hike

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park is a historical and cultural landmark that is an absolute must. Here you can learn about the Hawaiian culture, walk around the grounds of ancient fishponds and look at turtles.

There is no entrance free. This will be a walk to remember.

Kailani’s Favorite Vendors List

While you are doing things in Kona, Hawaii for free why don’t you visit some of our favorite vendors.

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What’s Next?

If you are not sure where to start planning your trip to Hawaii, the above list of things to do in Kona, Hawaii for free will guide you. Give us a call today if you want advice from the experts at Kailani Tours.