Volcano Watch — A new meaning for “the gravity of the situation”

Hawaiʻian Volcano Observatory on gravity as it pertains to volcanos. Travel in luxury in our Mercedes Van on one of our volcano tours and view the powerful volcano in comfort. Most of us think of gravity as a constant. Students of physics know that gravitational acceleration is 9.8 m per second-squared (32 ft/s/s), while the […]

The Advantages of Guided Tours

Shelley Frost for USA Today on the advantages of guided tours. Join us on one of our tours to the Kilauea Volcano in comfort and luxury in a Mercedes luxury van. Vacations to far-off places immerse you in the culture as you enjoy everything from the food and customs to the entertainment and landmarks. Exploring […]

The Magnificent Scenic Drive Through Rural Hawaiʻi You’ll Fall In Love With

Join us on a Kailani Tours Hawaiʻi tour of your choosing to experience the rural and rugged beauty of the Big Island. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with our excellent guides educating on the surrounding areas and the culture of Hawaiʻi. Megan Shute for Only In Your State on one scenic drive through […]


Hilo Beach

Our Big Island Circle Tour is a great way to see the beauty of the Big Island. Sit back, relax and let our excellent guides educate you on the culture of the Big Island. Favorite stops on the tour include Premium Kona Coffee Farm, Punalu’u Bake Shop and the Volcano Winery and Tea Farm. Go […]

Drink Local: Hawai‘i-Based Brewer Ola Brew Co Launches a Very Trendy Hard Seltzer

Person holding glass of beer

Ola Brew Company is a favorite stop on the Coffee, Cloud Forest & Brewery tour. Ola Brew Co. sources most of its ingredients from local Hawaiʻi farmers, helping to sustain the local agricultural economy. Robbie Dingham reports for Honolulu Magazine on a new seltzer created by employee-owned Ola Brewery. Big Island company produces new made-in-Hawai‘i […]

Big Island of Hawaiʻi State Park

Rainbow Falls Hawaiʻi is famous for beautiful waterfalls. John Derrick for Hawaiʻi Guide on Rainbow Falls in Hilo. Join us on our Volcano Hiking Adventure to experience the raw beauty of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi including Rainbow Falls. One of several falls along the path of the Wailuku River in Hilo, Rainbow Falls is a […]

Kilauea Volcano, Hawai’i: current activity and eruption update

Low volcano eruption

Here’s an update on the Kilaueau Volcano from Volcano Discovery as of May 8th. Please join us on one of our volcano tours to see the beautiful power of the Kilauea Volcano. New short-lived lava oozed out from western vent today The effusive activity within Halemaʻumaʻu crater continues at stable levels. The lava continued to […]

The Greenwells, a Paniolo Dynasty

The Paniolo Preservation Society on the Greenwells and their connection not only to coffee but also to cattle ranching. Join us for one of our tours to learn of the culture of Hawaiʻi and experience the beauty of the Big Island. The history of the paniolo begins not on horseback but at sea, with the […]

9 Old Fashioned Towns In Hawaiʻi That Only Get Better With Age

Megan Shute for Only In Your State on 9 charming Hawaiʻian towns. Our Big Island Circle Tour showcases the best of the island with views of the beautiful Hamakua Coast, Kona and Ka’u. From Hawaiʻi’s first residents and the first Europeans visiting the islands in 1778 to the establishment of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi in […]